Third Function Valve Kit for Massey Ferguson L200. (VKMFL200)

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Live 3rd Function Valve Kit; Massey Ferguson L200. (12gpm)

Live 3rd Function Valve Kit


The W.R. Long live 3rd function valve kit is made for most subcompact, compact, farm, utility, and light industrial loaders.  Valve kits come as a complete kit including all components required to operate the 3rd function. Contents includes, but are not limited to, valve assembly, handle with switches, hydraulic hoses with fittings, quick couplers, mounting brackets, electrical components, any necessary adapters or hardware, and installation instructions.

The W. R. Long live 3rd function valve must be connected to the power beyond port of your loader valve. Therefore if your power beyond port is active when your loader is operating then the W. R. Long valve will operate your attachment at the same time.

Live 3rd Function Valve Kit

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